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Photos of XJ Coupes.

I took these photos in recent years, at shows and races across the UK.

The big Jaguar coupes are far from frequent sights now, with only a small number having survived the ravages of time and the dreaded rust. Their values are still relatively low, hence XJCs rarely receive full restoration, other than those owned by diehard fanatics who have to have their Jaguar on the road, regardless of the cost. Hats off to the owners of the coupes below then, for keeping these lovely looking cars on the road (or track!). If you have any photos that I could show here, please please email them over! address at the foot of this page.

XJ Coupe Broadspeed Jaguar Daimler Daimler XJC Jaguar XJ Coupe
XJ Coupe Jaguar XJC Jag Jaguar XJ Coupe

Notes on these Jaguar photographs

The Broadspeed Jag was photographed at the Heritage Centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire, where it was on display for a time along with some other competition cars, such as a Le Mans Group C car, and a TWR XJS. The Broadspeed V12 XJC was a great concept but let down by a lack of development, just at a time when it was beginning to come good against the mighty BMW CSLs in the European Touring Car races. A page outlining the story of the Broadspeed car will be added to the site soon.

The red Daimler two door was photographed taking part in the Transport Festival in Sandbach, whereas the red Jaguar example was seen at Tatton Park. The white racing XJC, seen up on jacks, was snapped during a classic saloon race meeting (part of the JEC series) at Oulton Park a few years ago. The metallic Daimler coupe was photographed taking part in a run around the display arena at a local show in Kelsall, again a few years ago now.

If you have an XJ Coupe, see it featured here!
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