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Free XJ6C/XJ12C screensaver to download on your PC.

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The image to the left shows the 10 photographs that go to make this Jaguar screensaver. Various examples of Jaguar XJ6C/XJ12C and Daimler XJC feature, all of which I photographed at shows in the UK. Some are road cars, whereas others have been built for the track, either recently, or in the case of the Broadspeed XJ12C, back in the mid 1970s. One car is not strictly an XJC at all - the black competition car is in fact a Series 2 XJ saloon that has been modified to make it into a latterday coupe, but it looks so eyecatching I included it here anyway.

To download it to your PC, just follow the instructions detailed below - the file is 1.62Mb in size so may take a few minutes on a dial-up connection, but will be much quicker for users on broadband.

1. Click on this link xjc.exe

2. Save the file to your PC's hard disk drive and make a note of where you saved it to

3. Go to the file in Windows Explorer and double-click on the xjc.exe application

4. A grey installation window will appear, select Install to install the screensaver on your machine

5. Moving the mouse or hitting a key will cancel the screensaver at any time

6. It is now installed on your PC, and you can change it any time by altering the Display properties in the MS Windows Control Panel.

If you're not keen on tinkering with your PC settings, I'd recommend you get someone who is used to PCs to run the install for you. This has been tested on a number of PCs (running XP) but we make no guarantees that it'll work on all ages and configurations of PC, browser and so on out there. No warranties or guarantees etc plus we can't take responsibility for you altering your own PC settings, thanks.

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