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Your XJC stories and photographs.

It'd be great to feature some of the preserved XJCs out there - they aren't regular sights at most classic car shows, so if you are able to send me some photos of your car, please do so and I'll feature it on here. If you no longer own an XJC, but remember them back in their day, by all means drop me a line with your recollections of this stylish car.

My email address is on the Jaguar XJC homepage.

XJC prepared for competition use

Colin's Lynx XJC Conversion

To kick things off on this new page, Colin sent over these photographs of his XJC convertible, modified by Lynx some time ago. Seasoned XJ Coupe spotters will spot the later, Series 3 XJ type, rear light units, bumpers, front grille, boot plinth, along with the wheels from an XJ-SC, all common upgrades to the earlier XJ saloons and coupes.
Lynx XJ Coupe convertible

Laurie's silver XJ5.3C Jaguar

Laurie kindly sent over these photographs of his lovely looking V12 Coupe, silver really suits these cars I think. Also shown, two photos of the XJ Coupe interior, and an underbonnet view of the injected Series-2 spec V12 Jaguar engine.
Silver XJ5.3C coupe
Silver XJ5.3C coupe from the rear
The Jaguar V12 engine
Interior of the XJC

More Jaguar XJC Photographs

To keep the page size down to a reasonable level, the following photographs have been reduced to thumbnails - click any of the small versions to see the full size image.
Brian's XJC
Brian sent these 3 photos of his 5.3 Coupe.
Brian's XJC
"The World's Fastest Vinyl Roof"
Brian's XJC
Rear view of the XJ 5.3C. Thanks Brian!
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